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Hello everyone! So I am now producing for a new organization called LoNyLa. I am the LA hub producer and we are inciting some exciting ventures in the digital arts arena.

I am in the middle of producing my first thing ever for video, and doing so under a new creative company I am starting with my sweetie, Shane Elliott, called Layr Cayke Creaive.  Check out the new website soon which he is developing and which will hopefully feature a logo design by one of my best friends.  I can’t help but pinch myself as I realize I am on a journey with amazing friends who are creative, open, supportive, fun people.  What a way to be on this up and down process, but to be on it surrounded by people who love you and who want to work with you…I feel truly grateful.  I try to mainting that gratitude throughout the day when little things seem to get the best of me.

I am also working through an amazing book called, The Presence Process by Michael Brown.  It is about finding present moment awareness through breathwork and exercises to uncover stuff that has been there for a long time.  It’s truly an incredibly opening process that requires me to take a leap into the Present, which is the scariest thing one can do in my opinion.  I am open to it though and doing it with several ladies from The New Hollywood–again surrounded by support and love.

I hope this blog finds my readers on a journry that brings you to more understanding, more light, and more love.

So here is my first attempt at blogging:

This year I started to ask myself, why really do I need to get still; why do I need to meditate? I’ve always been fidgety, and “ADD-esque”—a typical type A overachiever, multi-tasker…you all know what I mean. So, why get still other than my typical response to most things I “can’t” do, which is to see it as a challenge.

I think I understand why this is so important now. After years of trying to get still, focus on the breath, and wait to see if it helps, I finally let go of the need. As soon as I let go of the result of what meditating would do for me, I felt it. Stillness helps me to see what really makes me happy; it helps me to keep perspective about life.

With all of this stillness and with an awareness that keeps growing, I have recently been doing some shedding: of the past, of my ego, and of debt. Shedding possessions mirrors shedding the possessions we cling to in our minds—past boyfriends, job interviews, numbers on a scale—all those moments of rejection and validation.

I shed to release, to let go. I shed to be clear that all the layers on top of me do not define me—they either compliment and add colour to me, or they dim my light and hinder me.

I find when I have not been “still” in a while, that Fear tends to creep into every moment or decision. And so, now I find myself saying it’s ok to shed–we have nothing to fear in letting go.