I love supporting my friends, being grateful for my family and extended families. I love my mentors that continue to guide me, support me, and believe in me; and I love my colleagues who challenge, enrich and inspire me with their talent and purpose. I also love a healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned my blogs on how I maintain a sane mind and healthy body—most of the time!

I currently practice Vedic and Vipassana meditation and have completed the 10 day silent retreat. I am definitely a green juice kind of gal, but I also find it is important to enjoy life, so I eat my dark chocolate and enjoy glasses of red wine without over indulging. I am an outdoor exercise lover, so you can usually find me on a trail on any given weekend! Besides dance, I love Pilates and swear by my teacher, Thalia Thomas, and her classically trained Pilates methods and Studio Soma. If it’s not Pilates or hiking, I’m on the yoga mat. I have been practicing yoga since 1999. I am a huge fan of the Ultimate Yogi, Travis Eliot, and have been on several of his retreats.

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